Lill Bros 1855 Bradford West Yorkshire

Fresh and Frozen Fish

Lill Brothers are specialist wholesale fish merchants, selling fresh and frozen seafood also many other frozen products; these are available to multiple locations and outlets where cost, quality and delivery stands are paramount example fish and chip shops, agents, caterers, nursing homes, supermarkets etc.

Lill Brothers based in Bradford, West Yorkshire St James wholesale market offering the highest quality products with a second to none delivery service using national delivery companies for a managed delivery service guaranteeing products are delivered fast and fresh.


Fresh Fish

Cod Fillets
Cod Whole Gutted
Coley Fillets
Coley Whole
Grey Mullet
Haddock Counts Boned
Haddock Fillet
Haddock Whole Gutted
Crab (live)
Dover Sole
Lemon Sole
Lobster (live)
Plaice Fillets
Salmon Fillets
Salmon Whole Gutted
Seabass Whole
Swordfish Loin
Trout Fillets
Trout Whole
Trout Whole Gutted
Whitting block

Frozen Fish

Modern freezing techniques make many of the fish in the freezer section almost equal to fresh fish. This is because lots of fish are now frozen directly on the boat, just minutes after being caught, in flash-freezing units that maintain a temperature far below the typical home freezer. And farm-raised fish is frozen on the spot, as freezers are incorporated into the farm site.

50/50 Crab Meat
Black/Red bream
Battered Whitefish
Boneless Kippers
Breaded Fish Cakes
Cold Water Prawns 4 x 2.5 kg
Cooked & peeled prawns
Crab Sticks
Hallibut Steaks
King Prawn Block
King Prawns I.Q.F. 16/20
King Prawns I.Q.F. 8/12
Manx Kippers
Monk Fish Tails
Natural Smoked Haddock
Pangasius fillets
Parrot fish
Plaice Fillets
Red mullet/Goat fish
Red snapper
Royal Greenland Prawns 446
Salmon Fish Cakes
Salt fish
Scampi Peeled Supreme
Scampi Wholetail Breaded
Seafood Cocktail
Smoked Cod/Haddock
Smoked Mackeral
Smoked Salmon
Squid Tubes
Swordfish Steaks
White Crab Meat
Yellow croaker
Boned Manx Kippers
Breaded Fishcakes
Battered Whitefish
Pangasius Fillets King Prawns
Red Mullet Tilapia
Red snapper Red Bream

Frozen at Sea

Cod Icelandic
Coley Icelandic
Haddock (Icelandic/Norwegian/Russian)
Haddock S&B (I.Q.F.)6-7oz

Delivery Services

Lill Brothers provide a quality delivery service using national delivery companies for a managed delivery service guaranteeing products are delivered fast and fresh.

“DFDS are proud to have been delivering seafood into food service giants Lill Brothers of Bradford for many years, for collection and delivery of seafood products from all over UK and continental Europe to their hubs throughout the UK, keeping the restaurants and bars supplied up and down the country.”

NHS Eat Well Advice
Lill Brotherss 1855 Bradford West Yorkshire


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Lill Bros 1855 Bradford West Yorkshire

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Lill Bros 1855 Bradford West Yorkshire