Visiting the forget me not children’s hospice today such an amazing, humbling yet overwhelming experience.

The individual care given by forget me not childrens hospice to every child and their families is absolutely astonishing and I’m truly lost for words.

I was once so sceptical of hospices’. I never had enough awareness of the type of work they do and the way they accommodate for every child regardless of the severity of their illness. After today, seeing the work done and how everything has so much thought and attention to detail, my view is completely different! Every single child is accodmated for, it’s such a homely, cosy place with the clinical care, creating a safe child friendly environment.


I can’t put into words just how amazing it is. The dedication and time put into creating such a beautiful, peaceful place for poorly children is out of this world. It’s so unfortunate and unfair for any child to suffer, it’s so important they recieve the best levels of care and this charity offer exactly that. Never been more sure about wanting to help a charity

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