Brain tumour support in Yorkshire

If you come to BTRS for support, you’ll be speaking to a specialist with over 20 years’ experience caring for, and supporting, patients and their families following a brain tumour diagnosis.

Our patient support specialist works very closely with other healthcare professionals and organisations involved in the patient journey to make sure you’re given the best possible advice and support. They are your go-to person to discuss anything on this page you think might be helpful to you.

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Our support services

Whether you need assistance with benefits, want to talk it out with a professional, qualify for financial aid or just want to meet other people who understand – our dedicated brain tumour support services have been created to help you.

Our brain tumour support services in Yorkshire include: support groups, holistic therapy, patient grants, counselling and hypnotheraphy, benefits advice and one-to-one support and information.

Brain Tumor Research

Find out more about our services here: brain tumour support services in Yorkshire.

Please contact our Patient Support Specialist, on 0113 340 0111 or email